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Tipps for optimizing search results

Fake No Funk
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As of version 1.1, searching using the searchbar is quite easy:
Simply type one or more searchterms. Mr. Funk will display matching tracks immediately while you type.
He searches in these fields:
- artist
- album
- trackame
- filename

So searching for "faith" will display all songs from the Band "Faith No More", all songs from the album "Keep the faith" by Bon Jovi and e.g. the song "Faith" by Limp Bizkit (or George Michael or, or, or... :-)

You can narrow the search by adding prefixes to the searchterms e.g.
track:faith ==> This will only return songs containing the word "faith"
==> This will only search in filenames having 182, so "Blink 182" as artist will not be found (what would have happened if you only searched for "182")

this works for
artist (or ar)
album (or al)
title (or ti or song or so)
filename (for fn or file or fi)
genre (or ge)

And you can use negations by adding a prefix "-"
file:-182 will find all files NOT containing 182

And you can use wildcards, * for any number of characters, ? for exactly one.

Happy searching!