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Userdefined actions => Tagging feature

Fake No Funk
The version 2.0 offers a new feature to define userspecitic tagging actions.

You can modify the tags for
* comment
* composer
* conductor
* genre
* artist
* album
* title

It is possible to
* set the value of the tag 1:1 to the specified value by using the "set" command
* append the value to an existing tag by using the "append" command
* prepend the value in front of an existing tag by using the "prepend" command

In addition, some new placeholders are available:
* $frequence ==> Adds the calculated max. frequence
* $realbitrate ==> Adds the estimated (real) bitrate
* $bitrate ==> Adds the claimed bitrate
* $samplerate ==> Adds the samplerate
* $bps ==> Adds the bits per sample

So if you want to set the comment tag to "REAL 256 kbps", then the tagging command would be:
tag: set comment REAL $realbitrate kbps

If you want to append the realbitrate to the title tag, then you could use:
tag: append tag  - $realbitrate

and so on.
But be careful when using append/prepend: If you call the action multiple times, then the text will be appended/prepended also multiple times....